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Elena here. Yep, the only one, the original !
*Where science meets art, behind numbers there is a pulsing heart*

I am a musician, coder, graphics artist, scientist. Despite my versatility and multi-skilled nature, I am *primarily* a composer of music across various genres. I've been composing music since I was 11. I only compose good, melodic music, with original melodies and harmony. Not noises. I compose POP music, melodic dance music, instrumental, piano or electronic music. Not Ambient, not Techno, not Rap/Trap, not Loop-based music and such genres. It looks like there isn't good music anymore nowadays, and as a side effect people's tastes are now ruined. There is still plenty of room for good music, and I will do whatever possible to throw it out of me so that the whole world one day may enjoy it.

At present, I am chiefly dedicated to music and DSP programming under Windows. You can browse my music plugins and SynthEdit modules at my KVR page or in my

official repository

My most notable work in recent years is an advanced modular STFT spectral processing framework for SynthEdit: Elena Spectral Domain [ESD] Modules for SynthEdit. This framework allows creation of VST plugins for realtime spectral manipulation and synthesis. I started this project with the aim of providing myself a very advanced toolkit for vocal timbre manipulation for my music arrangements.
My most notable achievements so far include an innovative spectral envelope extraction algorithm (codename WHISPER) and an unique frequency-domain filtering scheme using an optimal peak-wise curve which prevents peak distortion and alteration of the Hann window structure.
I have also developed a natively real FFT implementation that works directly on real sequences and on half-complex spectra, which is about 30/40% faster than the standard approach of feeding a complex FFT with two real sequences and post-processing the result. All these algorithms are implemented in ESD 2.0.

Currently in the works is MIKTAR, a very innovative VST plugin which allows you to simulate an acoustic guitar (or other plucked string instruments) with unprecedented realism. Thanks to accurately engineered Feedback Delay Networks acting as virtual strings, entirely developed by me, you will be able to "play" a microphone with your right fingers as you would do with guitar strings while playing the notes on your MIDI keyboard with your left hand. MIKTAR will be available as a commercial product. An audio demo, a demo video and a first public beta version will hopefully be available in Summer 2022.

Many people will surely remember me as a former Amiga developer (late 90s/early 2000s) and fractal artist. For many years I was passionate about creating fractals - which in simple and less technical terms translate mathematics to art, revealing that the two are not mutually exclusive and can be bridged together in fascinating visuals. For those who are interested, my old program ZoneXplorer (ZX 2.0 BETA, for MorphOS) can be downloaded here. Nevertheless, this is a discontinued project which I have no time or intention of resuming. I do, however, have some images made with the latest True Recursive formulas in 2017 here. You can also access my old fractal gallery here. Keep in mind that since 2017 I closed the Amiga chapter forever.