Delay-based 64-bits Synthesizer VST®
for Windows


Current release is: 2.1

Synlay is a professional delay-based sound synthesizer.
An excitation signal, which can either be synthesized from a noise generator or come from any external source, is subjected to a delay with feedback (i.e., an echo). However, the delay time is so short it is perceived as a pitch, rather than as a distinct repetition of the same signal.

This synthesis technique, commonly known as "Karplus-Strong," has often been employed for emulation of plucked strings, because of the high level of realism that is achieved. However, if we exclude some very basic and early attempts, we are yet to find any synthesizer where this technique is implemented extensively enough, to allow the musician and sound designer to fully experiment with it and exploit its true potential. In fact, delay-based synthesis has potentially a far broader range of application than mere emulation of plucked strings.

Also, unlike most synthesizers, delay-based synthesis usually requires very few parameters to control and to play with. As such, obtaining new and interesting sounds becomes much more immediate and enjoyable.

The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.(Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475 - 1564)

Synlay's sounds are sculpted in noise exactly as a statue is sculpted in marble or stone. Noise is like a pangea containing virtually everything - every frequency, every beat, and every sound, in the same way that white contains every color and every possible shape or painting.

A feedback-delay circuit used for this purpose is technically called a "digital waveguide." Often, a low-pass filter is also placed in the feedback line in order to simulate the high frequency damping which is characteristic of real world sounds, given higher frequency components always tend to extinguish faster.

Synlay offers an input section to shape the excitation source, three parallel and independent waveguide modules, and a master IIR or spectral filter, to further shape the resulting timbre. An LFO is also provided for either pitch or amplitude modulation. Extensive Velocity and Aftertouch controls allow unlimited expression capabilities.

Please listen carefully to the following audio demos, to have an idea of the palette of sounds Synlay is capable of. From plucked strings to basses, from strings to orchestral sounds, from brasses to original synth timbres, Synlay is so versatile it can be utilized for every possible music genre. (Note: neither effects nor arrangements are used; rather, only factory presets are used.)














Synlay's digital waveguides are very accurate and carefully coded clockworks, offering a high quality sound that's completely devoid of clicks or other artifacts. Also, pitch is constantly compensated to avoid detuning caused by the damping filter. In addition, feedback is scaled for all notes to decay with the same duration. Furthermore, excitation signal residuals and DC peak are efficiently abated, for a cleaner sound compared to concurrency.

Starting from V2, Synlay can also accept an external signal as excitation source for its digital waveguides. This allows one to 'harmonize' inharmonic material, including drum tracks, noises and pops coming from your microphone to create original instruments, or even one's voice, thus making our old Tuned Delays plugin obsolete.

If you like and use it, you are expected to donate at least € 30 to support its development and to allow Elena Design to maintain it as a free product.

Synlay is also CREDITWARE:
it is mandatory that you mention its usage and credit Elena Design when using it in public projects.

Synlay is neither commercial nor "shareware" software. The distributed version is fully functional, without any time-limit, ads, popups or any other annoyance; however, the About panel will open automatically everytime the plugin interface is opened, just to remind you that this software is Donationware. Once you've donated, you will receive in turn as a gift a personal keyfile, which disables the donation reminder, and which makes Synlay registered to your name.

Please understand that bug reports, support requests, suggestions or any other kind of communication from non-donating users will be ignored, unless it is about fatal bugs not allowing to even just test the software. Complaints about "false positives" by anti-viruses will be ignored as well.


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